Ellenfoot Drive

Hillside Maryport Maryport Cumbria CA15 7DR

Ellenfoot Drive Hillside Maryport Cumbria CA15 7DR


£67.06 (pw) plus £8.05 service charge

  • To Rent
  • Ground Floor Flat
  • Allerdale
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 67.06 (pw) plus £8.05 service charge
  • Rented General

1 bed first floor flat

off street parking

Due to the changes as a result of the Welfare Reform Act, preference will be given to households who will fully occupy or can demonstrate that they are financially able to afford the property.
Internal transfers (from one Your Derwent and Solway property to another) will only be allowed in cases where there is housing need for a move.
Help with decoration and flooring available.



Hillside area of Maryport


  • New economic central heating system fitted, garden, off street parking