Rechargeable Repairs

Rechargeable Repairs

Below is a summary of the policy and what this means for residents. For further information about this, or if you have any questions, please refer to the information sent through the post, or contact our Customer Services Team using the button below.

Residents are responsible for repairs which have been caused to their homes by damage or neglect, either by themselves, or by visitors who have been invited to their homes.

We will charge residents where repairs are needed that are not the result of fair wear and tear, or when a contractor has been unable to gain access on more than one occasion for an appointment and charges the Association a call-out fee.

The most common types of rechargeable repairs are:

  • Damage to windows, doors and internal fixtures or fittings
  • Non-accidental breakages of glass (without a crime reference number)
  • Breakages to sanitary ware - baths, wash basins, toilet basins and cisterns
  • Floods from washing machines, basins, baths and toilet basins
  • Blocked sinks or toilets
  • Lost keys
  • Removal of items, and cleaning, after a resident has moved out
  • Damage caused during police raids
  • Overgrown and untidy gardens.

Though we have charged in the past for the items listed above, the main change within the new policy is that residents will be required to pay in full and in advance of the repair, previously the work for a non-emergency repair was completed before the charge was added to rent accounts.

The change has been brought in to protect the Association’s income and enable us to use the income to provide and maximise services to our residents.

If you cannot pay for the repair in one go, you can set up a repayment plan over a longer period. Please note, residents will have access to an appeals / complaints process for any repair deemed rechargeable.

As always, residents will have the option to complete their own repairs they are responsible for, as long as residents use a certified / qualified contractor ~ and we may ask to survey works once they are completed. We would also recommend residents to have home contents insurance in place, as some repairs may be able to be claimed through this insurance.

This change does not affect normal day-to-day repairs, where there are property defects or fair wear and tear.

If residents do not have home contents insurance to cover damage caused, Castles and Coasts can provide you with information about a scheme provided for social housing residents. For more information, please contact our Customer Services Team using the button below.