Report a Repair

To report a repair please contact Castles & Coasts customer
services team 0800 085 1171 or login to the portal to report a repair.

Reporting a repair

You can report a repair by logging into the residents' portal or by calling the Castles & Coasts customer services team on 0800 085 1171.

Information on our commitment to repairs is covered in our service standards.


The following would be classed as emergency repair items:

  •  Total loss of electric power (not a general failure, speak to neighbours and check with your utility company)
  • Total loss of water supply (not a general failure, speak to neighbours and check with your utility company)
  • No heating and hot water (between 1st October – 31st March, ensure there is credit on meters if applicable)
  • Doors or ground floor windows that aren’t secure
  • A leak that cannot be contained or causes a risk of electric shock
  • Toilet not flushing (when there is no other toilet, use a bucket of water to flush if possible)
  • Partial loss of power, but only when it is a danger to health and safety (affecting essential equipment such as a stair lift or a nebuliser)
  • Locked out or lost keys (may be chargeable)
  • Smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarms (continuous noise)
  • Fire, flood or explosion damage
  • Emergency call system inoperative
  • Lift failure

Any requests for an emergency repair that is not a genuine emergency, or as a result of accidental or deliberate damage may be chargeable.  If safe to do so, you must remain in the property to provide access for the Contractor.

If you smell gas, contact the National Grid Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 and follow their guidance.