Annual Report

Each year Castles & Coasts Housing Association (CCHA) produces an Annual Report for residents. This report has been developed to provide you with an overview of performance and achievements between April 2018 and March 2019.

About us

Castles & Coasts Housing Association (CCHA) has an annual turnover of over £30m, employs over 200 staff and owns and manages more than 7,000 properties in rural and urban communities across the North of England.  75% of CCHA's properties are located in Cumbria.

As well as a commitment to providing new affordable housing solutions and investing more than £10m each year in delivering new homes, CCHA continues to spend more than £10million each year on maintenance (including major repairs), creating employment and skills opportunities in our local communities.

Our Corporate Strategy 2018-2023 sets out the key corporate objectives for CCHA and our ambition to grow, invest and improve.

The aim of this Annual Report is to show you, our residents, what CCHA has achieved in 2018/2019.

Chair & Chief Executive Welcome

Welcome to the second Annual Report for residents of Castles & Coasts Housing Association

July 2019 was the Association’s second anniversary and we are pleased to report that not only has the last year been a period of consolidation but also one of significant achievements, some of which we talk about below.

We received our first In-Depth Assessment from the Regulator of Social Housing, which was a very rigorous process. We were therefore very happy to receive the Regulator’s highest judgements of G1 and V1 for governance and viability which gave us a very solid platform on which to continue developing and improving homes and services to our current and future residents.

Residents have told us how important it is for them to feel safe and secure in their homes. Castles & Coasts has, over the last twelve months, continued to build on a positive health and safety culture. This has included recruiting more staff for the compliance section of the business which oversees our approach to fire, gas, electrical and water safety in residents’ homes. The Board receives regular reports and updates on this important area of our business.


Fiona Moore

Chair of Board


Stephanie Murphy

Chief Executive 

In the last year we have spent over £10 million on repairs and improvements to homes, some of which has been spent on improving energy efficiency to help residents lower their fuel costs.

As well as maintaining existing homes, we have a significant development programme which should see us building over six hundred new, much needed, affordable homes over a five year period.

We have also expanded Castles & Coasts Services, which is our own maintenance delivery operation. Feedback from residents tells us that providing services and maintenance from our own team is not only a cost effective way of delivering high quality services, but also has higher rates of resident satisfaction.

One of the key achievements this year has been the positive impact of delivering the various aspects of our Customer Experience Strategy. This strategy sets out how we will ensure our services are delivered in a way which meets residents’ needs and expectations. It explains how we will focus on developing and delivering diverse and appropriate services, by understanding who our customers are, what they expect from us, how they want to access our services and how we can best communicate and engage with our customers.

We believe a lot of progress has been made in listening to residents and understanding what we do well and also, importantly, where residents believe we can improve. We know we still have some parts of our service that we need to build on and improve and we are committed to working with residents to do that in the coming year.

Fiona Moore
Stephanie Murphy




Telephone calls received


Enquiries made via our website and email


Calls answered within 30 secs

Customer Experience


Reduction in complaints


Increase in compliments

Your Home

Repairs & Maintenance


All responsive repairs completed


Overall responsive repairs completed in timescale



Properties had valid gas certificate


Valid Fire Risk Assessments for all required buildings

Lettings & New Homes


Average number of days to re-let


New homes built



Spent on new components e.g. new kitchens


New components installed in our homes

Anti-Social Behaviour

Rent and Income


Reduced rent arrears


Increase in tenants paying by direct debit

Governance and Finance

Value For Money

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