Anti-Social Behaviour

Key Objective: Customer - to deliver high quality services to residents and prospective residents

We are committed to working with our residents to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and have certain standards in place which we follow for any reports of ASB.

CCHA takes a proportionate approach to tackling ASB, encouraging residents to resolve low level neighbour issues.

There are occasions, however, where an instance occurs, which poses a greater risk to the well being of individuals, or a community. In these cases, CCHA's aim is to look to support the affected individuals and, where this is not successful, mitigate risks by taking swift legal action to take possession of a property, or gain a court order against an individual prohibiting them from causing further problems.


631 cases of Anti-Social Behaviour were managed by CCHA during 2018/19

We work with our communities and residents to ensure that they have a package of support and services, which includes working with multi-agency partners. We support residents with all disabilities, and work closely with mental health and re-enablement services, to provide safe and sustainable tenancies. We work closely with support services to enable people who have been affected by mental health illnesses to sustain their homes.  We take a person-centred approach to helping support residents, and their families, through difficult times.


We are committed to protecting the wellbeing of our staff, contractors and residents.




Safeguarding is a term used to refer to the act of protecting children, adults and any vulnerable person at risk from abuse or neglect. We must bear in mind that we must protect from harm or damage with an appropriate measure.  Safeguarding refers to both children and adults.

We take our responsibility for safeguarding very seriously and we have a robust reporting process in place.  All staff, as part of their induction, receive safeguarding training and following number of reports were made for for 2018/19:

These included:

  • Adult concerns
  • Child concerns
  • Domestic Abuse concerns

Each report was investigated and CCHA worked with partner organisations to ensure that Action Plans were in place for each case.

How to report ASB

For further information about ASB, how report it and what ASB CCHA can deal with, please visit the ASB section on this website.