Key Objective: Customer - to deliver high quality services to residents and prospective residents


of our properties had a valid gas certificate


valid Fire Risk Assessments for all buildings that need one


valid Water Surveys for properties that need them


valid Asbestos Surveys for properties that need them

We take the safety of our residents very seriously. In order to do this, we have a robust policy in place to ensure our properties are compliant. The six main areas of compliance monitored by CCHA are: gas, fire, asbestos, water, electricity and radon gas.

Gas Safety

CCHA complies with the Gas Safety Regulations 1998. We carry out a check of all gas installations on an annual basis.

As of 31st March 2019, 99.77% of our properties had a valid Gas Certificate. Only two properties did not have a valid Gas Certificate; these were subject to court action and have now had the services complete.

99.8% of Gas Certificates were completed within the 12 month statutory period.


CCHA carries out Water Risk Assessments to our properties which require an assessment, in line with the applicable legislation. These tests are carried out to ensure the risk of Legionella is mitigated.

100% of our properties which require a Water Risk Assessment have a valid assessment in place.


In line with the required regulations, CCHA carries out an electrical safety test to all properties every five years. Electrical safety tests are also carried out when a property becomes vacant.


To ensure CCHA complies with all applicable fire safety regulations, Fire Risk Assessments are carried out on all properties which are part of a block.

Post Grenfell, CCHA has begun work on assessing the evacuation procedures for all of its communal blocks. In addition to this we have carried out a tender exercise to ensure that all works related to Fire Risk Assessments are completed as recommended.

100% of our properties which require aFire Risk Assessment have a valid assessment in place.  We carry out Fire Risk Assessments on all communal areas within our properties to ensure safe evacuation, if needed. 


In line with appropriate regulations, CCHA carries out Asbestos Surveys on all properties which have communal areas i.e. blocks of properties.

100% of properties which require an Asbestos Surveys have a valid survey in place.

Radon Gas

Radon gas is an odourless, naturally occurring gas which only affects a small proportion of properties in certain areas. Any properties which could be affected have been identified and have a programme of testing in place.