Customer Experience

Key Objective: Customer - to deliver high quality services to residents and prospective residents

Customer Experience Strategy

At CCHA, we value the voice and experience of our residents, and we look to use this insight to inform decision making.

Our Customer Experience Strategy 2018-2023 was developed in 2018. The strategy sets out how we will ensure that we understand who our residents are and what they expect from us. It outlines how we will use feedback from our residents to ensure our services meet their needs and continue to develop and improve.

Customer feedback and insight has helped to shape CCHA and influence strategy, policy and the delivery of our services.

So how have we done this?

Our customers have been involved in a number of ways:

Residents' Scrutiny Panel

During the winter of 2018, we formed our Residents’ Scrutiny Panel to act on behalf of the residents of CCHA.

The panel is made up of seven residents. The members of the panel come from across the North of England, bringing different skills and experiences. The panel was presented with the feedback we received from compliments, complaints, continual service feedback, Resident Feedback Groups and resident surveys.

Henry Barker, Chair of the panel, said, “For me, becoming a Scrutiny Panel member means I can have a say and be involved in shaping how Castles & Coasts operates and help make services better for all residents.”

The panel completed its first Scrutiny Exercise, scrutinising our Equality and Diversity (E&D) Handbook, which is in place to help our staff and contractors ensure that we deliver our services in an inclusive way, to meet the diverse needs of our residents.

The panel made recommendations to provide a greater customer focus.  This included creating a new E&D Charter for staff and contractors to sign up to, which will be delivered during 2019.

Sandra Eagles, Vice Chair of the panel, said, "It is an exciting time for the scrutiny panel and we hope this is the first exercise of many that make a difference to CCHA and its customers."

During 2019/20, the panel will look into further services and policies in great detail and will make recommendations back to CCHA as to how these services could be improved.

Continual Service Feedback

Every time a resident receives a service from us, we want to hear how we have done. Since April 2019, residents have had the opportunity to provide feedback for the services they have received.

All feedback will be monitored to identify trends and will provide CCHA, and our RSP, with the information required to map the customer journey, identify areas of concerns and provide solutions to improve the customer experience.

Compliments & Complaints

Our Customer Service Standards set out the services you can expect from us and our commitment to our residents.

Customer Service Standards

In line with our Customer Service Standards, CCHA aims to:

  • Provide you with a high quality and personal service that is prompt and courteous at all times
  • Treat your enquiry confidentially
  • Provide a 24 hour Freephone number to contact us, which will be diverted to an out of hours emergency repairs reporting service outside of our Customer Services Team opening hours
  • Aim to answer 80% of calls to our Freephone number within 30 seconds, and to provide a call back facility
  • Acknowledge your written enquiry (including emails) within one working day of receipt and provide you with a response to your enquiry within five working days. If we cannot provide a response during this time, we will give you a date by which you can expect a detailed response
  • If you leave us a message, we will phone you back within one working day
  • Provide access to our Residents’ Portal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, where customers can pay their rent and service charges, view their statement and report non-urgent repairs
  • Provide a texting service, where customers can request their current rent balance, log a repair, or request a call back from us
  • Aim to deal with enquiries at first point of contact. If we are unable to assist, we will forward this to a specialist member of staff who will contact you within three working days
  • Meet your specific needs, if you need an interpreter or require information in an alternative language or format
  • Ensure our staff wear appropriate identification
  • Aim to communicate with you by a method of your choice, i.e. text, email, telephone or letter

When we exceed or fall short of these standards, we are keen to hear from residents to enable us learn about the things we are doing well and to identify where we can improve.

Below is a summary of the compliments and complaints we have received:


Quarter Compliments Complaints
Q1 19 19
Q2 27 22
Q3 71 12
Q4 75 15
Total 192 68


We find it encouraging that the number of complaints has reduced.  This shows that we are achieving service improvements through the feedback received.

We will continue to learn from the compliments and complaints we receive in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Plus much more, so please explore this website.

We continue to publish a quarterly residents' magazine working alongside our Editorial Panel, which is made up of residents from across the Association. You can find our magazine under the Library section of this website.

You can also receive a copy of our magazine by post, or in alternative format i.e. large print, different languages, or an audio version. If you would like to receive the magazine by post, or in an alternative format, please contact our Customer Services Team.

During 2019/20, we will introduce social media communications to our residents for those who prefer to receive information in this way.