Repairs & Maintenance

Key Objective: Customer - to deliver high quality services to residents and prospective residents

Repairs & Maintenance


Overall responsive repairs achieved within timescale

Target: 95%


Emergency repairs completed in timescale (within 24 hours)

Target: 95%


Urgent repairs completed in timescale (within 7 days)

Target: 95%


Routine repairs completed in timescale (within 21 days)

Target: 95%

We have had some isolated issues in some areas of service delivery and we have plans in place to ensure performance improves.  This will improve the overall service level provided to customers.

Castles & Coasts Services (CCS)

During 2018/19, CCS, our internal workforce, has expanded to deliver additional services to our residents.

CCS has completed works on vacant properties to support the Lettings & Neighbourhoods (L&N) Team in reducing the average number of days to let our properties.  CCS has expanded to undertake grounds maintenance services across the whole of Cumbria.  It is the aim of CCS to provide the best possible services to our residents, whilst also achieving the best value for money.

The expansion of services delivered has resulted in CCS almost doubling in size and is now split into three separate teams:

Electrical Team

The Electrical Team operates throughout Cumbria and undertakes electrical periodic inspections and remedial works to our rented properties, void properties and communal areas. Over the past year, this team has tested 1,016 properties, and installed, or renewed, more than 400 smoke or heat detectors and 460 carbon monoxide alarms.



Estates Team

The Estates Team operates throughout Cumbria and conducts grounds maintenance to 233 of our schemes. The team also undertakes cleaning and fire compliance checks at 134 of our properties or schemes with communal areas, as well as conducting responsive repairs to the outside of some of our properties.


Voids Team

The Voids Team operates in the Workington and Copeland areas and is made up of qualified tradespeople who undertake work in our rented properties, between tenancies, to ensure that they meet our re-let standards.


Properties and estates that are not maintained by CCS continue to be provided with a dedicated service by our partner contractors. To ensure that we maintain the same high standards for all of our residents, regardless of their location, we are working closely with our contractors to ensure that they are committed to working to the same Customer Service Standards as CCS. Our contractors performance has supported CCHA achieve the results above during 2018/19.


Customer Service Standards

In line with our Customer Service Standards, CCHA aims to:

  • Provide you with a cost effective repairs and maintenance service
  • Carry out emergency repairs within 24 hours
  • Undertake routine repairs within 21 days
  • Ensure our contractors carry appropriate identification
  • Ensure our contractors provide you with an appointment which is convenient for you
  • Monitor the quality of work undertaken by our contractors and provide you with a range of methods for providing us with your feedback to allow you to comment on repair works
  • Meet all statutory requirements to enable you to live safely in your home