Customer details: help us to help you

As part of our commitments to equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) and ensuring we deliver excellent services to residents, we aim to make sure we’re meeting their individual communication and other needs. To help us achieve this, we’ll be carrying out a survey of residents during 2024.

This means that next year, we will contact residents to check that we have their preferred method of communication stored. We’ll also ask a series of questions to make sure we are aware of any communications or other needs they, or anyone else in their home, might have.

In readiness for this, we’ll be phoning some residents over the coming weeks to check that our records are up to date, where we’ve got gaps in contact information such as email addresses or mobile/landline numbers.

Adam Gould, Castles & Coasts’ Head of Customer Service and Engagement, said: “The aim of next year’s resident survey is to make sure we’re achieving what we set out to when we launched our Customer Service & Engagement and ED&I strategies in 2022.

“We’re committed to getting in touch with our residents using their preferred method of contact; and to having flexible services in place to meet individual needs where possible. We have a bit of work to do first in phase one to collect some contact details so that we’re ready to do this survey.”

“Over the course of a year, we send out thousands of letters to residents so we also hope this will help us to be even kinder to the environment by reducing our use of paper and ink. Where we know it’s their preference, we’ll be able to send some letters to residents over email to really help reduce our carbon footprint.” 

If you’re a CCHA resident, you can also change your contact preference with us at any time if your circumstances or preferences change.

We’ve put some questions and answers together for CCHA residents to explain in more detail, as per below:

Because this is a specific project, when we call you to check your contact details, the caller number displayed will be 0808 1757 025, rather than our central customer services number.

After the survey, any resident that has ‘post’ as their preferred method of contact will still receive letters in the post. Any resident that doesn’t have an email account or a mobile phone, or does have these but would prefer communications in writing by post, will still be sent information from us by post. We always aim to use your preferred contact method where we can.

If you’ve told us that your preferred method of contact is email, we’ll aim to send as much correspondence as we can in that way. There are however certain documents we will always need to send by post, for legal reasons.

While CCHA is not able to recommend a provider, there are lots of options of reputable websites that offer a free email service including,, and You will usually see a small image or text on their website that says something like ‘register’ or ‘sign up’ although you may have to find their ‘login page’ to do this. Then just follow the instructions on the page.

No! Any emails that we currently send to residents that would be classed as ‘marketing’ emails give you the choice to opt out, so you can decide whether or not to receive any more. We’re updating contact details so that we can email or send you text messages in the future if this is your preferred method for us to get in touch.

There may be times where there is an urgent message we need to communicate for your safety – such as if there was a flood warning in your local area - and we may also use email or text messages for those to make sure they reach you as quickly as possible.

If your circumstances or preferences change, you can update your contact preference with us at any time. Just contact us to let us know.  

We need to understand the differing needs of our residents and take steps to meet those needs so you can access our services with no barriers to stop you; and give us feedback in ways that suit you. We’ll ask how you would like to receive information from us, any individual needs you might have and about you as a person.

We’ll use the data we gather to help our understanding of how we will meet the different needs of residents, including any needs arising from any protected characteristics, as defined in the Equality Act 2010.

If you’re a CCHA resident and have any questions about the survey, please don’t hesitate to contact us.