You could win if you’re in!

You could win if you’re in!

We’re launching a new ‘Win if you’re in’ incentive scheme to encourage residents to be at home when they have a scheduled repair or compliance appointment.

The initial pilot scheme will run from February to November 2024, with three chances to win a £50 shopping voucher.

Every CCHA resident who stays at home for their planned appointment and gives us access to carry out the planned work will be entered into a prize draw to win £50 voucher. One winner will be drawn at random in:

- May (for February to April appointments)

- August (for May to July appointments)

- November (for August to October appointments)

Eligible appointments for the ‘Win if you’re in’ scheme include non-urgent repairs appointments, visits to assess/treat damp or mould, and compliance appointments such as gas servicing and electrical safety checks.

In 2023, over 5,600 of these appointments were missed by residents either not being at home or not allowing CCHA colleagues access to carry out the work needed. This not only cost CCHA around £280,000, but it meant some residents ended up waiting longer for work to be carried out.

Dave Elwood, CCHA’s Head of Maintenance, said: “There are a number of reasons we’re launching this pilot scheme. It’s really important to have someone at home for planned appointments, to make sure we’re keeping your home safe and healthy. Some visits, such as annual gas safety checks, are also a legal requirement.

“Unfortunately, every time someone misses their appointment, it also means another resident that could have had that slot has missed out and we know from customer feedback that this can be frustrating.

“Plus the £280,000 cost of having to make repeat visits is money we would rather be investing in improving resident’s homes instead.

“We want to deliver the best possible service we can for our residents but we know people lead busy lives, so if you know you won’t be at home for your appointment please let us know as soon as you can. That gives us time to rearrange it and allow someone else to have your original slot.”

The number of missed appointments will be monitored during the initial ‘Win if you’re in’ pilot before a longer-term campaign is considered.

You can view the full terms and conditions of the ‘Win if you’re in’ incentive scheme by scrolling down our 'Report a repair' page