The big customer survey – we need your help!

The big customer survey – we need your help!

As part of Castles & Coasts Housing Association’s (CCHA’s) commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) and delivering excellent services to residents, we want to make sure that we hold the most up to date information about our residents, including your individual contact preferences, and whether you have any specific service needs we need to be aware of. To help us achieve this, we’re carrying out a survey of residents in the coming weeks.

We’ll be contacting all CCHA residents to check we hold the most up to date information about you, to help us deliver our services in the best way for you.

This is a really important project and we want to make sure we capture as much information as possible so it will be carried out in three stages:

  1. We will start by contacting residents by email or text message, where we already hold an email address or mobile phone number
  2. For anyone who doesn’t respond, we’ll follow this up with a phone call
  3. Finally, we’ll write to any residents we have not heard back from, or those we don’t have an email address or mobile phone number for, and ask them to complete the survey and post it back to us in a pre-paid envelope

Adam Gould, Head of Customer Service and Engagement at CCHA, said: “The aim of the survey is to make sure we’re achieving what we set out to when we launched our Customer Service & Engagement and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion strategies in 2022.

“We’re committed to getting in touch with our residents using their preferred method of contact, and to having flexible services in place to meet individual needs where possible. We can’t achieve this until we know we have asked every resident what their own needs are, and how they would prefer us to contact them.”

If you’re a CCHA resident, you can change your contact preference with us at any time if your individual needs, circumstances or preferences change, by contacting our Customer Services Team.

We’ve put the following questions and answers together for CCHA residents, to help explain this project in more detail.

We’ve put some questions and answers together for CCHA residents to explain in more detail, as per below:

We need to understand the differing needs of our residents and take steps to meet those needs, where possible, so you can access our services without any barriers.

We’ll ask how you would like to receive information from us, any individual needs you might have and about you as a person. We’ll use the data we gather to help our understanding of how we could meet the different needs of residents, including any needs arising from any protected characteristics, as defined in the Equality Act 2010.

It’s really important to be vigilant and protect yourself from scams:

  • Any email sent out for this survey will come from Castles & Coasts Housing Association Limited Surveys <>
  • Any follow up emails would come from either the same email address or from
  • SMS (text) messages will come from our customer feedback team and appear on your mobile phone as ‘CCHA’ and the survey link will take you to the secure website number for the survey itself)
  • As this is a specific project, if we call you to ask for your communication preferences and any individual needs the caller number displayed will be different to our central customer services number. We’ll add the number here when we start to make the calls.

We aim to have asked every resident for this information by Autumn 2024. Once we have collected all of the information we need, with over 7,000 homes, it will then take us a while to make sure all of our records have been properly updated and verified.

Please bear with us while we do this, as there is likely to be a delay between you giving us your contact preferences and individual requirements and us starting to use them fully, while we double check all of the data.

We’ll try and call you on your landline if we have that number, to do the survey over the phone. If we still can’t get a response, or we don’t have a landline number for you either, we will write to you and ask you to complete the survey and post it back to us in a pre-paid envelope.

We aim to limit the amount of information we process to just include the information we need to be able to provide you with our services, respond to concerns or issues raised and fulfil our duties to you as your landlord. This includes understanding any individual communication or other needs you might have, and making sure we are communicating with you in your preferred way where possible. To find out more about how we use your data, you can read our Privacy Policy on our website.

If you’ve told us that one of your preferred methods of contact is email, we’ll aim to send as much correspondence as we can in that way but we don’t send ‘junk’ emails. Any emails that we currently send to residents provide information that is relevant to the services we deliver to you only. For example, this could be about your home or scheme, or to ask for your feedback about a service you have received.

There may also be times where there is an urgent message we need to communicate for your safety – such as if there was a flood warning in your local area - and we may use email or text messages for those to make sure they reach you as quickly as possible.

There are still certain documents we will always need to send by post, for legal reasons.

If your individual circumstances, needs or communication preferences change, you can update your information with us at any time. Just contact us to let us know.  

Email accounts are really useful for lots of reasons. You can easily and instantly communicate with others, bank and shop securely online, and subscribe to news and information you’re interested in. Using emails is also kinder to the environment, as it cuts down on paper and printing.

While we’re not able to recommend a provider, there are lots of options for reputable websites that offer a free email service including,, and You will usually see a small image or text on their website that says something like ‘register’ or ‘sign up’ (you may have to find their ‘login page’ to do this). Then just follow the instructions on the page.

If you’re a CCHA resident and have any questions about the survey, please don’t hesitate to contact us.