Get set for winter - keeping yourself healthy

At Castles & Coasts Housing Association, the safety and wellbeing of our residents is our top priority. We’ve put this page together to equip you with lots of information to help you stay healthy and warm when the weather is colder or more extreme.

Looking after yourself in cold or extreme weather

  • Wear layers of clothing instead of just one thick layer – this helps trap the warmth
  • Wrap up warm when you go outside with hats, gloves, scarves – this really makes a difference. Better still, stay indoors if you can.
  • Think about what you wear on your feet if you're going outside, and check the soles are in good condition and have plenty of grip if it's icy or has been snowing
  • If you're a driver, there are lots of tips for winter driving on the ROSPA website
  • Keep a hot water bottle and blanket handy, especially if you’re sat down for long periods of time
  • Try and move around at least once every hour, to help you keep warm and improve your circulation
  • Have hot drinks and at least one hot meal every day
  • Keep extra food in the cupboards and freezer in case there’s a spell of really severe weather that stops you getting to the shops, or stops food deliveries
  • A mixture of sand and salt works well on patches of ice, so keep some handy to put on steps or your path
  • Speak to your chemist about prescription collection and delivery, in case you can’t get out
  • If there’s bad weather forecast, make sure to order any repeat prescriptions as early as you can
  • Remember to have your flu jab at your GP or local chemist – these are free to anyone aged over 65, and to people at risk due to health conditions.
  • Check that all your lights and working and that you have spare bulbs
  • Have a good, working torch handy. Avoid using candles as they can be a fire risk.
  • Keep a supply of the right type of battery for your smoke alarm
  • Sign up to the Environment Agency’s free flood alert service at If you live in a flood area, there are lots of tips on their website too
  • Store emergency contacts in your mobile phone and keep a paper copy somewhere handy. If there’s a power cut, you can call 105 to report it.
  • Always keep your mobile phone charged

It's really important to stay warm when the weather gets cold. If you’re struggling with your energy bills don’t worry in silence. We’ve put a whole host of information together on the support that’s available on the ‘cost of living’ section of our website

The NHS has put some important information together to help you stay well this winter.

Click here to go to the seasonal vaccinations and winter health section of the NHS website or read the 'We're here to help you stay well this winter' booklet here