Maintenance - our commitments

Grounds maintenance

Castles & Coasts Housing Association (CCHA) aims to provide an excellent grounds maintenance service to our residents. We’ll make sure our communal grounds are kept clean and tidy, with hedges and shrubs cut back and grassed areas maintained. This will include:


Grassed areas

  • All grassed areas will be cut (minimum of 13 visits between April and October)
  • Litter, stones and other debris shall be collected straight away, before cutting or treatment being done
  • All litter, debris etc will be removed from sites, and any adjoining hard surfaces, once works are completed
  • Grass shall be cut to a consistent height
  • Edges will be trimmed and/or sprayed, where needed
  • Hard standing areas will be sprayed to control weed growth, where needed


Hedges, shrubs, flower beds

  • Trimming and shaping of shrubs and hedges (usually twice per year, but this depends on the species)
  • Flower beds will be maintained monthly
  • Shrubs, plants and hedges will be replaced, as needed
  • Hedges and shrubs adjacent to pathways will be regularly maintained, so they don't cause any obstruction
  • All litter will be removed (at least monthly)



  • Trees and woodlands within communal areas and estates will be managed and maintained through a proactive and risk-based approach
  • Branches encroaching onto lights or properties will be cut back and removed
  • All tree works will be carried out in accordance with good arboricultural practice, British Standard 3998 (Recommendations for tree works) and the Wildlife & Countryside Act

We are not able to maintain or fell trees in private or individual gardens, or to:

  • Deter birds roosting
  • Prevent wind-blown pollen, blossoms, petals, seeds or leaves
  • Abate falling fruit, berries, nuts or sap
  • Improve access to natural daylight or for aesthetic views, as ad-hoc requests
  • Remove arboreal insects
  • Improve television reception to non-communal system

Below you will find our directory of Landscape Plans, showing the areas serviced by our Grounds Maintenance Teams.

Please contact our Customer Services Team if you have any queries about the Landscape Plan for your area.

Landscape plans for the North East of England

Healeycote View

St Oswalds Close

Stobarts Field

Landscape plans for the North West of England

Cleaning specification

Outlined below is the specification for cleaning of communal areas. Please note this is a generic cleaning specification and not all facilities or items specified will be present or need cleaning in all units/blocks.


Entrances/exits (internal and external areas)

  • Clean both sides of external doors, including glazed vision panels, fanlights and frames
  • Clean door handles/panels and door entry panels as appropriate
  • Ensure pathways leading to all entrances are free of litter/leaves/debris and safe for all those who use them
  • Remove free newspapers, circulars and junk mail, pick up litter and dispose of as appropriate



  • Vacuum all carpeted floors, landings, staircases, balconies - starting from top and working to bottom
  • Sweep hard floors including external staircases balconies and entrances
  • Clean all hard floors
  • Clean all stair treads and nosing with an appropriate solution



  • Dust all horizontal surfaces to all internal communal woodwork, including door and window frames, architraves, internal sills, skirting boards, stair edges, picture frames and dado rails
  • Dust handrails and balustrades
  • Wash down all woodwork as above and include communal doors and fire doors



  • Dust and clean as necessary all electric sockets, light-switches and wall-mounted light fittings
  • Remove cobwebs and debris from ceiling lights and upper wall areas
  • Dust meter cupboards, post boxes, etc.


Internal glazing/walls

  • Remove marks from glass doors/view panels
  • Clean internal windows of any communal areas
  • Remove all dirt/stains from internal walls


Communal laundry/kitchen facilities

  • Sweep floors to remove debris
  • Clean floors
  • Wash down sinks, white goods, benches, cupboards etc
  • Remove and dispose of any rubbish, emptying any bins


Bins stores/refuse collection area (may be external)

  • Sweep and remove surface debris overspills and litter
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect floor areas as appropriate to the surface
  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect bins
  • Remove any rubbish or bin bags to external paladins


Communal areas/lounge

  • Vacuum all carpeted floors, spot cleaning as required
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces including sills, skirting boards, doors, windows and furniture picture frames
  • Vacuum all chairs and sofas
  • Clean all woodwork as above including doors



  • Clean inside of lift as appropriate (flooring, doors and walls)
  • Clean outside of lifts and all button panels on each floor


Communal toilets/bathing facilities

  • Thoroughly clean toilets, washbasin, and any other facilities
  • Supply and replace toilet rolls, paper hand towels and soap when required
  • Clean floors, paintwork and remove any marks from walls
  • Empty and clean bins as and when required



Please report to CCHA any:

  • build-up of rubbish in communal areas
  • bulky items
  • misuse or abuse of communal areas
  • obvious repairs
  • failure of light fittings
  • other problem that may lead to an unsafe environment


Planned works 2024/25

Below is a list of planned investment works for April 2024 to March 2025 that relate to Castles & Coasts homes. If you have any questions please contact us.

158 properties in total

Broughton In Furness Castlewray
Carlisle Bishops Close
Carlisle Lowther Browns Lonning
Newcastle Benton Park Road 
Penrith Musgrave Street
Sunderland Wadham Court 
Whitehaven Catherine Mews
Workington Gatehead, Great Clifton
Workington The Gavels, Great Clifton 
Workington Westfield Drive
Ulverston Larch Court 


116 properties in total.

Carlisle Conisburgh Court
Consett Kelly Close
Newcastle Ellesmere Road
Workington Firth View Walk
Workington West View Walk 

78 properties in total.

Carlisle Lowther Browns Lonning
Maryport Ellen Court
Penrith Musgrave Street
Sedbergh The Paddock
Whitehaven Highmoor Lane
Whitehaven Olds Court
Workington Crosthwaite Court
Workington Lady Court 
Workington Laybourn Court
Ulverston Larch Court 

170 properties in total.

Alnwick Bondgate Court
Gateshead Bank Top Hamlet
Gateshead Castle Close (Main Block) 
Gateshead Tindale Drive (Main Block)
Maryport King Street 
Maryport Nelson Street 
Wigton Brackenlands
Workington Hillcrest, Northside
Workington Gatehead, Great Clifton
Workington The Gavels, Great Clifton 

511 properties in total.

Aspatria Harriston
Cockermouth Main Street
Consett Kelly Close
Gateshead Smithyford
Maryport Lonsdale Close, Crosby Villa
Newcastle Ellesmere Road
Penrith Musgrave Street
Whitehaven St Nicholas Chambers
Whitehaven The Globe
Wigton Brackenlands 
Workington Burrow Walls, Northside
Workington Cain Street
Workington Casson Road
Workington Cusack Crescent
Workington Gatehead, Great Clifton
Workington Hillcrest, Northside
Workington Honister Drive 
Workington Iredale Crescent
Workington Moorbanks Road
Workington Moss Bay Road
Workington The Gavels, Great Clifton 
Workington Trinity Court, Northside 
Ulverston Larch Court 

Note: Entire programme subject to validation surveys in advance.

Adrian Sampson – Asset Investment Manager