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If you would like to join our Resident Scrutiny Panel (RSP), we'd love to hear from you. The closing date for applications is Friday the 19th of January 2024.

The RSP is a group of up to ten resident volunteers who scrutinise and challenge the services that CCHA provides. The RSP decides for itself which services to review and the best approach to follow in carrying out each review. Customer satisfaction data is presented to the panel by the Customer Experience Team to assist the panel to make an informed decision in relation to the services to select for review. The RSP aims to carry out up to 4 service reviews per year.

What is scrutiny?

Scrutinising means carrying out a close and thorough examination of how a service is being delivered. The scrutiny process aims to give residents more power in holding their landlords to account for their decisions, performance, and conduct. Resident scrutiny reviews aim to identify what is being done well, what may be going wrong, and to make recommendations as to how improvements may be made.

For further details, please look at the documents available through the buttons below. If you'd like to discuss this opportunity, please don't hesitate to call the Customer Experience Team on either 07435 545868, or email the team; 

There are further details on this website about resident involvement, please click the purple 'Resident Involvement' box further down this page.




Your feedback is extremely important to us

We aim to provide excellent services to our customers, and are keen to gain feedback, to find out how we are doing. We use feedback from customers to do more of the things they say we are doing well, and to learn from, and make improvements to our services, where we have fallen short of expectations.

If you would like to provide us with general feedback or suggestions, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. 

Customer Service & Engagement Strategy

We're proud to have launched our Customer Service & Engagement Strategy (CS&ES) 2022-27. This Strategy sets out how we will deliver our Customer Aims and Objectives over the next 5 years, ensuring the services we deliver continue to meet the needs of our residents and that our residents have a strong voice, which is used to continually learn and improve. Please see the animation below, and click on the strategy document to read and/or download your copy. 


We have a range of opportunities available for residents who would like to be involved in shaping our services with us. You can take part in one of our Resident Feedback Groups, or you can register your interest to become a member of our Residents’ Scrutiny Panel if a position becomes available.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion, and we provide a range of ways in which you can be involved to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Please contact us to discuss any accessibility needs you may have.

Residents' Scrutiny Panel

A Residents’ Scrutiny Panel has been established.  Members of the panel meet quarterly and will lead specific work streams to look at particular areas of service, and make recommendations as to how we can improve this service.  For more information about the activities of the panel, please see below.

Resident Feedback Groups

Resident Feedback Groups are one-off ‘task & finish’ groups to look at a particular service area, policy or contract. 

They provide residents with an opportunity to provide their feedback and suggestions about the specific subject.

Residents can take part in these groups;

- in person

- over the phone

- by providing us with feedback before a group by email, or in writing

We will hold approximately six feedback groups a year, each one will have a specific focus on a particular service area, these include;

- Repairs & Maintenance

- Grounds Maintenance

- Communal Cleaning

- Housing

- Customer Services

- Contract Procurement

- Income Collection

- Policies

If you are interested in taking part, please let us know if you are interested in a particular area of our business. If you do not have a preference and are willing to take part in any of these groups, please also let us know.

We look forward to working with you!

If you would like to compliment us on a service we have provided, or about a member of staff, or one of our contractors, we would love to hear from you.

We will acknowledge the receipt of your compliment within 5 working days and will thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.

If we have failed to meet your expectations, please tell us. We want to hear from you. As a customer of CCHA, you have the right to make a complaint if you feel we haven’t met your expectations or have failed to deliver one of the commitments made in our Residents' Charter.  We are dedicated to resolving any issues quickly, fairly and transparently, and to ensuring customers are kept up to date at each stage.

How can I make a complaint?

You can make a complaint using the contact details below or by using the form at the bottom of this page. 

For further information about our complaints process, please refer to our Complaints Policy below.

The Housing Ombudsman

Complainants have the right to contact the Housing Ombudsman at any time while your complaint is going through our complaints process. The Housing Ombudsman is available to offer advice and can provide help to find a resolution. To access advice from the Housing Ombudsman, please visit or telephone 0300 111 3000.


CCHA welcomed the launch of the Complaint Handling Code from the Housing Ombudsman (HO). The code was initially released in July 2020, in an attempt to drive consistent and good complaint handling practise across the Housing Association sector. The Code was then revised in March 2022.

As a landlord, we are required to self-assess annually against the Code, to establish CCHA’s current level of compliance and determine actions required in order to adhere to the Code.

CCHA welcomes complaints, compliments and feedback, as this is key to helping us to inform services to residents. We equally welcome the Code as a great opportunity to inform and improve our complaints process.

Please feel free to review our self-assessment, a copy of the Code and our Complaints Policy, all available below.

Further details of the Housing Ombudsman’s service can be found on their website;


Tenant Satisfaction Measures - a new way to give your feedback

From 1st April 2023, all social housing tenants are being offered a new way to give valuable feedback on the services provided by their landlords.

The Regulator of Social Housing has created the new system, called ‘Tenant Satisfaction Measures’ (TSMs), for assessing how well social housing landlords in England are doing at providing good quality homes and services.

From the beginning of April 2023, like every social landlord in England, Castles and Coasts Housing Association (CCHA) will start sending out TSM surveys to people that rent homes from us. For our tenants, this will usually be on the anniversary of their tenancy.

The TSMs cover the following key areas:
  • Overall satisfaction   
  • Keeping properties in good order  
  • Maintaining building safety  
  • Safety checks  
  • Respectful and helpful engagement   
  • Effective handling of complaints/anti-social behaviour (if you’ve reported either to us)  
  • Responsible neighbourhood management   

The survey has 12 questions and starting from autumn 2024, the results will be published annually to show residents how their landlord compares to others.

You can find out more about the new TSMs and why they are being introduced here: Introduction of tenant satisfaction measures – GOV.UK (

If you have any queries or would like to find out more about the new TSMs, please contact CCHA’s Customer Experience Team on 0800 085 1171.

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